Everything we heard about the Canary Islands, read or watched, sounds like a lot of fun. The islands, forests, mountains and volcanoes, seas and beaches, parks, and museums. Did we forget something? The SUN – of course. Your upcoming travel destination is a stark contrast to much of Europe, especially in cold, gloomy regions. So, before you set foot on the islands, be sure to bring a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes – and make you look fashionable and fabulous.

“It’s no big deal,” you might think. “I can always buy a pair of sunglasses in Tenerife.” All that is well and good, unless you happen to pick up counterfeit ones that do not even offer UV protection.

So, the best time to buy is before even leaving for the Canaries. Take time to think through what you need. Do it while there is the luxury of time. Here are tips to help you along.

1. UV Protection

Obviously, that is the primary purpose of wearing sunglasses whenever in the Canaries – protection from the sun’s UV lights (both UVA and UVB). For that, choose those that can block 99% UV rays. Be careful of cheap or generic brands. Some actually mislabel their products as offering protection but actually do not.

2. Prescription

Many brands offer prescription lenses. If you do wear prescription glasses, then consider that as well. It makes no sense for you to suffer from poor eyesight wearing sunglasses when needed, such as on sunny days. And you know the sun is going to be up, shining brightly upon you.

3. Frame

Are you having a hard time picking a frame style? You can narrow down the choices by choosing a shape that is opposite to your face. For example, your face is round. Choose a square frame. And if you have a triangular shape, pick a rectangular frame. As for a square shape, go with an aviator frame.

4. Polarized Lens

The purpose of these lenses is to cut the glare from snow and water. That is added protection for your eyes. Not to mention, it helps minimize squinting and eye strain not only on sunny days but also on overcast days.

5. Color

Like most people, you could choose a color that suits your taste. But know that colors have specific purposes. Here’s some of them.

  • Amber and yellow. Enhance contrast by blocking most or all blue light.
  • Blue and green. Enhance contrast with a yellow tennis ball.
  • Partially enhance contrast by blocking blue light and ideal for snow sports.
  • Mute the sky and grass against a golf ball.
  • Reduce light intensity without affecting contrast or distorting colors.
  • Red and orange. Suitable for snow sports on overcast days.

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