Lobos Island

Places that offer both tranquility and adventure are like rare gems. Not everyone who seeks them can find one. In the Canaries, though, there is …

By Jarno - Dec 13, 2017

Playa de las Américas

Life is a party, they say. And, when in Playa de las Américas, southwest of the municipality of Arona, it can’t be more accurate. Not …

By Jarno - Nov 29, 2017


Even today, people settle where they believe they would thrive. The ancient populace of La Gomera was the same, but with stricter requirements. The soil …

By Jarno - Nov 24, 2017


La Palma is home to observatories because of its favorable climatic conditions. With state-of-the-art equipment, people look up to see the sky and what’s beyond …

By Jarno - Nov 20, 2017


The world knows La Gomera as the untouched Canary Island with a glorious landscape. And, it is precisely for that reason that nature lovers and …

By Jarno - Nov 13, 2017

Breña Baja

Known as the Canaries’ more preserved island, La Palma has this old town charm that is hard to resist. Tourism development, though, has its eyes …

By Jarno - Nov 6, 2017

La Frontera

In the northwest of El Hierro is the magnificent municipality of La Frontera. Unique to its grand landscape is the sky-high natural wall that separates …

By Jarno - Nov 3, 2017


In present-day Tenerife, the representative in rural tourism is none other than Arico. Its historical and natural splendors drape 179 km2 remarkable landscape. The municipality …

By Jarno - Oct 24, 2017


La Gomera is known as the “Quiet Canary” due to its calm and pristine natural state. It doesn’t mean there’s no action happening though. In …

By Jarno - Oct 23, 2017


A delight to those who want to unwind, the serene terrain of Barlovento is also the greenest part of La Palma. It has a rural …

By Jarno - Oct 20, 2017

Punta del Hidalgo

Punta del Hidalgo on the northern coast of Tenerife is anything but sunshiny or summery. Instead, harsh waves and high winds pound the rugged cliffs. …

By Jarno - Oct 13, 2017

Fuencaliente de La Palma

Volcanoes can be monstrous. They are unforgiving and, most terrifying of all, unpredictable. But, as disastrous as they may be, they help create the most …

By Jarno - Sep 27, 2017
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