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Spread along Fuerteventura’s south east coast is Sotavento beach in Costa Calma. It’s a 30-km-long, virtually unbroken expanse of windswept shorelines stretching from Playa de la Barca down to Morro Jable. Awe-inspiring in every direction, the golden sand coastline has Jandia National Park’s rolling hills and lava ridges on one side and the crystal clear turquoise waters on the other. What a place!

Sotavento beach is ideal for tourists looking for secluded beaches away from throngs of fellow holidaymakers and untarnished by souvenir shops. A day trip to this remote island paradise will leave you sunburnt but also full of lasting memories.

Sotavento beach in Costa Calma

Why Visit Sotavento Beach

If there’s a place you can’t miss during your vacation to Fuerteventura, it’s most definitely Sotavento Beach. Its shoreline goes on and on, housing five beaches—La Barca, Risco del Paso, Mirador, Los Canarios, and Malnombre—in one stunning sunlounger-free stretch. Great for enjoying peace and quiet, as well as some water sports, it’s an expanse of perfectly fine, light sand with all-year-round sun and ridiculously clear blue water. You’ll be looking forward to your next visit to this paradise before you even leave.

Virgin Beach to Relax and Unwind

Sotavento’s uninterrupted vista and seemingly infinite coastline are perfect for endless walks by its clear, calm waters. The beach never gets crowded no matter the season and amount of visitors because of its sheer length. A three-kilometer-long lagoon appears during low tide, making it even more vast and spectacular as pristine waters pull back. Come high tide, this shallow part of the coastline is an excellent spot for children due to its gentle slope that is only one and a half meters deep at most.

Additionally, Sotavento is a clothing-optional destination in Fuerteventura. The sea temperature rarely drops below 20°C (68°F), so why not cast clothes aside and let it all hang out? Daring to bare is accepted on this beach and, with its enormity, no one might even notice.

Wind Watersports for All Skill Levels

This side of the island is more sheltered from the strong waves of the Atlantic Ocean. At the same time, because it faces the African continent, plenty of powerful trade winds from the Sahara desert reach the shores of this paradise. It’s a true place of solitude but also a fun playground for windsurfers and kite-boarders. The adrenaline rush in the air is especially intense every July when the beach hosts the annual PWA Windsurf & PKRA Kiteboard World Cup.

Sotavento Viewpoint

Whether you are walking by the beach or harnessing the warm winds on a board, it is always a great idea to take time and see Sotavento from above. Its viewpoint’s elevated position allows visitors to take in the whole scene, all its vastness and splendor, at once. As you breathe in the fresh ocean air, you’ll find appreciation for what’s not there—buildings, bars, rows of sun loungers, stores, and the bustle of tourism.

Dining Options

Sotavento beach is a self-catering destination. Holidaymakers must bring everything they may need to enjoy a day at this coastal paradise, including snacks and drinks. While this is not where you go to escape hotel buffets, it is near major tourist towns and is, therefore, a few minute drive to many dining options.

El Bar de Marko y Moni

The selection of Spanish-Mediterranean restaurants is quite vast in Fuerteventura, so standing out amongst many is difficult. I’ll put my hands up and declare that El Bar de Marko y Moni managed to do so easily. We first dropped in after a long walk in the Sotavento beach for some pre-dinner drinks and nibbles but ended up sinking a bottle of Albariño and a wide variety of tapas.

El Bar de Marko y Moni is a busy, busy place, but their staff handles the bustle with big smiles and a touch of hospitality charm. Their menu, including the nice selection of wine, is within a decent price range. Apart from the ones I’ve already mentioned, their croquettes, fried squid, meatballs in apple and blue cheese sauce, cheesecake, and caramel parfait are world-class. We haven’t tried one food from this warm, family-owned dining spot that we can’t recommend.


L’AperiPizza is the most popular pizzeria in Costa Calma. Conveniently located near bus stops, it’s a rewarding little find with a small menu that offers an authentic Italian taste and more value than what you pay for. There’s no shortage of pizza parlors in this part of the island, but believe me when I say that it will make you visit twice in the same day.

The restaurant uses fresh local, organic ingredients and offers an assortment of pizza in gigantic sizes. Whether you’re a health-conscious customer or dining in big groups, consider L’AperiPizza if you want authentic Italian cuisine in a laid-back dining atmosphere. Plus, they make them in thin, crispy bases with just the right amount of toppings, so you don’t feel bloated even if you ‘ciao’ down their maxi pizza, which is truly, truly enormous.

Having eaten Italian food extensively, I can undoubtedly say that there is genius in the simplicity of the food that comes out of L’AperiPizza’s kitchen. Some of their best pizza varieties that must hit your table on your next travel to Fuerteventura include the Saporita (spicy salami with gorgonzola), Tricolore (has the colors of the Italian flag—green, white, and red), and Popeye (has spinach, scarmorza, and brie). Also try their Calzone Del Mar (tomato, mozzarella, tuna, shrimps, and crab), Nutella calzone, and Classico (tomato, ham, mozzarella, and mushrooms).

We recommend booking in advance when planning to dine in L’AperiPizza as it’s a busy place with just a few tables. They also accept walk-ins, but, of course, a fast turnover is not something they can guarantee. Regardless, you can expect super friendly and professional staff, as well as orders that arrive quick and hot.

Tasca Dos Jotas

It’s the last thing you’d expect from an old Fuerteventura shopping center. Yet tucked away in the upper floor ofEl Palmeral, there it is, a modest restaurant where the island’s freshest produce becomes 5-star Canarian dishes. This place is called Tasca Dos Jotas, and it’s a true hidden gem tourists must find.

We came here because of the great recommendations online and, while we were initially unimpressed,it did not disappoint. What an unforgettable treat they had in store for us. We came at a very busy time, not unusual for this restaurant we heard, but managed to get a gastronomic experience that remains one of the absolute highlights of our dining choices in Costa Calma. The service we received was efficient, and the food, all in abundant portions, was well-prepared.

I started with a delicious, home-cooked style gazpacho with a few bites of tuna croquettes and morcilla de Burgos (also known as blood sausages). A glass of sangria paired with smoked salmon came next, and oh, what an excellent decision that was. My buddies were equally happy with their roasted kid shoulder, steak fillet in mushroom sauce, and slices of duck breast, so these dishes come highly recommended too. My immaculate dinner ended with a slice of almond cake even though I could no longer afford the extra calories and a new addition to my list of favorite Fuerteventura restaurants.

How to Reach Sotavento Beach

To reach Sotavento Beach, tourists must take the FV-2 highway and the exit to their desired drop-off point—exit 64 for Mirador de Sotavento, 68 to Hotel Melia and the northern tip of the Sotavento beach, or 602 to Playa de Sotavento. Hiring a taxi or renting a car is the best way to reach the mentioned places as minor destinations are either not included in the Fuerteventura bus routes or serviced by infrequent buses. If you’d really rather go by public transports, bus lines 01, 04, and 05 have routes that pass near the beach.

Sotavento Beach: A Secluded Gem for Fun and Relaxation

Fuerteventura vacationers hoping to avoid crowds of beachgoers will love the stretches of sand of Sotavento Beach. It’s available to anyone yet remains unblemished by human activities. The secluded sandy gem offers relaxation and is perfect for wind watersport enthusiasts. Plus, the remote paradise doesn’t require a stay in an exclusive resort to gain access to its pristine expanse of tranquil shores.

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