Canary Islands Covid Travel Restrictions

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Tourism in the Canary Islands has been picking up and is set for a strong return since all the remaining coronavirus restrictions have been scrapped. All capacity limits have been lifted and are back to 100%. In addition, prior authorization for mass events and popular festivals is no longer necessary. Lastly, nightlife, sports, and cultural activities are now allowed under the same conditions.

Furthermore, it has been announced that Spain’s mask mandate indoors will be lifted shortly after Easter. This modification will also apply in the Canary Islands.

Carolina Darias, the Minister of Health, announced that the Council of Ministers plans to approve its abolition on April 19, so this decision is expected to go into effect after being published in the BOE, the official journal of Spain. Note that masks will still be required in some places, including public transportation, nursing homes, and hospitals.

Requirement for traveling to Spain (including the Canary Islands)

There’s no longer a mandate for a quarantine period or taking a PCR test after entry. However, regardless of the country of origin, all visitors entering Spain by plane (excluding children under the age of 12 and those in international transit), as well as Spaniards returning home, must provide or accomplish one of the following:

  • An EU Digital Covid Certificate, EU equivalent of vaccination against COVID-19, a negative certificate of a diagnostic test for active infection, or a certificate of recovery after having passed this disease.
  • Tourists who DO NOT have the EU Digital Covid Certificate or EU equivalent must complete the Health Control Form (FCS). After completing the FCS, the system will send the SpTH QR code that passengers will have to present at the time of boarding and upon arrival in Spain and its territories.

Check here to learn what an EU Digital COVID Certificate is, its EU equivalent, and its validity.

Passengers traveling to Spain by sea must also have one of the mentioned required health certificates, such as an EU Digital Covid Certificate, EU equivalent, or another type. They are not required to fill out a health control form.

At this time, no country, territory, or area is classified as risk or high risk. Suppose the epidemiological situation in a country, territory, or area deteriorates to a concerning degree. In that case, it may be declared high risk, and necessary health control measures for visitors arriving from that location will be implemented. Check the updated list of high-risk countries/areas here.

As for visitors coming from a third country, they must first check if they are permitted to travel to Spain on this page.

Always check updated requirements and advice of public agencies and reliable tourism bodies in Spain and the Canary Islands before traveling, as restrictions and safety measures may change. We recommend visiting the pages of the Canary Islands’ tourism council and Spain’s Health Ministry for extensive information about traveling tothe country and its territories. Also consult your tour operator or airline before leaving for the Canary Islands in case of any changes in travel conditions.

Important Notice: Only one dose of single-dose vaccines or two doses of two-dose vaccines (with the second dose taken at least two weeks before arrival) from BioNTech and Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Janssen Pharmaceutica NV, and Novavax will be accepted when applying for proof of full primary vaccination series. In addition, the vaccination requirement will extend to a Covid booster shot if your last vaccination was more than 270 days ago. There is no required minimum interval of days from the date of booster jab to the date of entry to Spain.

Visitors traveling from within Spain

There are presently no restrictions to visiting the Canary Islands from anywhere within Spain and its territories. As a result, it is possible to travel between the islands and from the mainland.

Traveling between the Canary Islands

Tourists traveling between the Canary Islands do not need to present Diagnostic Tests for Active Infection (PDIA) or any COVID-19 certificates.

Canary Islands Alert Level

IslandAlert Level
Gran Canaria2
La Palma1
La Gomera1
El Hierro1